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Art :: Water Marbling (EBRU) Class coming soon!

Triangle : 11-08-2014

Cooking Class :: Cooking Class with Turkic & Azerbaijani Dishes

Triangle : 10-25-2014

At this class, we moved from Anatolia-Turkey to Central Asia-Azerbaijan to learn new dishes. Our Azerbaijani teacher/chef taught us dishes from her kitchen. We learned how to make plov, ash (rice pilaf) with saffron with special butter and qazmaq crust. We then learned how to make layered beet salad. This is truly an art. Our teacher made us chop the vegetables and eggs that we used for the beet salad. We then prepared fisinjan with chicken breast, walnuts and pomegranate sauce. Learning these Azerbaijani dishes was very exciting. But tasting these dishes were as much exciting. We all loved the beet salad. Fisinjan and saffron plov were very delicious. We just could not resist having more and more.

Art :: Turkish & Islamic Art Presentation

Triangle : 10-18-2014

On the 18th of October, 2014, as a part of introduction to Turkish-Islamic culture, demonstrations of the arts of marbling (Ebru) and calligraphy were performed in the Chapel Hill Public Library between 1:30 and 2:30 pm. In addition, the program included showing of a short documentary on Turkish-Islamic art and culture. The performances and documentary were met with a great interest and admiration from the attending guests. Owing to this positive reception, Divan Center plans to continue these kinds of cultural activities in future.

Cooking Class :: Joyful with Traditional Dishes

Triangle : 10-11-2014

At the cooking class on 10/11, we learned three dishes. The Hacegan soup is a vegetable soup from the Ottoman Empire cuisine. This traditional soup is prepared with mushroom, corn, carrots and nuts. The second dish that we learned was dolma and sarma. Dolma is the name used for any stuffed vegetable. It can be eggplant, zucchini, tomato or onion. This time, we prepared the dolma with zucchini and we stuffed it with ground beef and rice.