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Triangle : 04-26-2014

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Triad : 04-13-2014

Cooking Class :: Cooking Class with a 5-Star Menu

Triangle : 04-12-2014

One of the best representatives of the Turkish & Mediterranean cuisine is the split belly eggplant : Karniyarik. Karniyarik has found itself on the cover of many Turkish cookbooks. At the cooking class on 4/12/2014, we prepared karniyarik and rice pilaf . Cooking class students were very interested and involved in preparation of the dishes. For the dessert, we had kadayifli muhallebi. Although this dessert seems difficult to make, by preparing it together we saw how simple it was. This time there was a chef in our class who participated as a student to learn more about Turkish cuisine.

Turkish Class :: Start Learning Turkish in Triangle

Triangle : 03-29-2014