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Triangle : 12-14-2014

Cooking Class :: Last Cooking Class of Fall Semester

Triangle : 12-06-2014

The Fall Cooking Classes' last lesson had Turkish-style breakfast on the menu. We have been waiting for this class for a long time, since we were all eager to learn how to make simit: Turkish sesame roll breads. Simit is a pastry that you can find anytime and anywhere in Turkey. It is sold on the streets and also in the bakeries. It goes well with anything, especially at the breakfast with feta cheese and tomatoes. We learned how to prepare the simit at this class: from dough preparation to boiling in molasses, covering with sesame seeds, rolling the dough and baking. In addition to simit, we also learned how to make menemen: Turkish style scrambled eggs with vegetables. At this class, there was one more special, and that was Turkish tea. Our teacher showed us how to brew loose Turkish tea leaves, and taught us how to use the Turkish teapot set.

Voluntary :: Blanket Drive to help Syrian Refugees

Triangle : 11-22-2014

Divan Center is organizing a "blanket drive" to help Syrian families in Turkey. As you know there are more than a million Syrian refugees in Turkey. Many of these families are living without any shelter or in tents. As the winter is approaching refugee families suffer badly in cold weather. A small donation could help these families significantly.

We accept both gently used blankets and monetary donations. The blanket drive will continue until November 22. Please deliver them clean and folded (No sheets please). Our goal is to fill several shipping containers that will then be delivered to Turkey, where a local relief agency will distribute them to the refugee families.

We ask that donations of blankets be made no later than 12:00 PM, November 22 to ensure they are delivered in time for the winter weather. Please contact us by emailing info@divancenter.org before delivering the blankets so we can coordinate the date/time of the delivery.

If you would like to make a contribution by check please make your check payable to Divan Center and mail it to our address below.

Divan Center
1903 N. Harrison Avenue Suite 100
Cary, NC 27513

WRAL:Cary group holds blanket drive to keep Syrian refugees warm

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Blanket Drive in the Media

"Local officials, volunteers launch expanded effort to help Syrian refugees"-The Washington Post

"Lawmakers Expand "Blankets for Refugees" Collection" -- NBC Washington
"Va. students launch refugee blanket drive" -- WTOP
"Bulova, York Kick Off New Syrian Blanket Drive" -- Leesburg Today
"Syrian Refugee Blanket Drive Set to Begin" -- Falls Church News-Press
"Dumfries collecting blankets for Syrian refugees" -- Inside NOVA

Cooking Class :: A Delicious Meal

Triangle : 11-15-2014

This week at the cooking class, we had a full class. Everyone was eager to learn new Turkish recipes.

At first, we prepared a regional dish from the city of Erzurum (an eastern city in Turkey), the dish in Turkish is called sulu as or sulu kofte: meatballs in tomato sauce. In addition to regular meatball ingredients, we also added bulgur and rice, then our teacher had us make round meatballs. Those were boiled in tomato sauce with potatoes. We then prepared a yogurt salad with celery root. For most of us, it was the first celery root dish that we were preparing. Last but not least we prepared cigar/pencil borek. This borek is one of the most popular boreks in Turkey. Our teachers showed us how to make the cigar boreks, and let all of us prepare the boreks. In 5-10 minutes, we had cigar boreks with cheese filling and ground beef filling.